Low Cost Franchises Almost Anyone Can Get Started With

Most people dream of being their own bosses some day. However, very few actually think of a business idea which is viable or have the initial capital to make it successful. This is where the franchises come in handy. However, buying into a franchise that is of top brand needs that you have a lot of capital up front and a strong background in business. However, there are some low cost franchise opportunities that should not be taken just for granted. These have relatively low startup costs and can be joined even by first time business owners. They are providers of very necessary services hence are likely to stay in demand throughout the good and the bad times. Even better, they can be run from home.

us dollar bundles1. Non-medical senior home care
There is a rising demand for senior care with the aging of baby boomer. Omaha based Home Instead provides assistance to seniors who would like to retain their independence and stay at home. The franchisees are usually responsible for a myriad of tasks such as opening mail for the elderly, taking them on trips to the doctor, the salon or the mall. They also work with clients who are in assisted living and in nursing homes in addition to patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Their operations have been since 1985 and they have expanded globally to more than 15 countries world wide.  In case you are into providing medical care for the elderly, this is definitely the franchise for you.

2. Supplementary Education
If you are into mathematics and working with kids, then Mathnasium is the right franchise for you. As schools try to cut costs, parents are looking to other ways of improving their children’s performance and supplement their kids education. The private tutoring sector has grown greatly over the years showing that parents are very willing to pay for their kids education even during the rough times. Children are tutored all year round exclusively in mathematics. This is done in sessions after school and over the weekends. This way, the kids are kept engaged and their math skills are boosted giving them skills from basic mathematics to much advanced topics. This differs from other private tutoring franchises in that it specializes in just a single subject. This franchise has been in operation since 2003.

3. Home and Office Cleaning
Heaven Best has a unique technique for carpet cleaning that differs from other water extraction approaches. This way, cleaning is done really fast and the carpet is dry in one hour. In addition to carpet, franchisees also clean, area rugs, tile, grout, leather and upholstery in addition to hardwood floors in private homes and commercial establishments. As a franchisee, you get to benefit from a royalty rate that is very lo hence you get to have more money in your pocket. The franchise fees also take care of training and the basic equipment and supplies to get you started. However, you will have to buy your own van and get cleaning products from the franchisor at a cost. Heavens Best has been in business since 1983.

4. Leather and Plastics restoration
With the current state of the economy, more and more people often choose to refurnish furniture instead of buying new ones. This is a trend that has become a lucrative money making model for Fibrenew, a franchise that restores plastics, leather, vinyl and upholstery in vehicles and buildings. The franchisors usually provide the training, tools and equipment provided the franchisees sign a five-year contract giving them exclusivity in a given area.

5. Pet sitting and dog walking
Regardless of the economic situation, people still love their pets. They will always be willing to pay for the care of their pets. People will always pay for their pets to be walked and taken care of when they are away. Pet Care franchisees has taken to this new opportunity and cares for all kinds of pets including cats, dogs, birds and even spiders. The walkers and sitters undergo a background check and are made available whenever pet owners are in need of such services. This can give you the opportunity to play with lots of pets and you can also operate from home with your own very flexible schedule. The pet care industry is growing more and more as people work for longer hours hence requiring their pets taken care of by others.

6. Youth Sports
i9 sports is a franchise that organizes sport activities for the youth. They also offer after-school programs and camping activities. As a franchisee, you will be responsible for organizing such activities in specific neighborhoods and areas. This can be home based hence giving you flexible working hours and saving you time. This is a franchise that is set for growth in the coming days with the local governments cutting back on recreation programs. They usually offer initial training, refresher courses and educational webinars as a form of training.

7. Pizza and sandwiches
Simple Simon’s is a franchise specializing in pizza, sandwiches and calzones in a friendly dining environment. This is an example of a low cost franchise that is making in these tough economic times. The franchising fee is also very low as compared to other fast food restaurants hence making it the best option for a low cost franchise. They also have very conducive requirements for new franchisees.

8. Energy and Auditing
Consumers are getting more interested in energy consumer given the high heating and cooling costs. The franchise Pro Energy Consultants is one that aims to show homeowners how to consume energy wisely hence lowering their monthly energy bills. They first perform energy audits in order to determine how much energy a home is using and using that information to optimize energy usage. They also conduct scans in the workplace in order to ensure that they meet environmental safety codes and prevent electrical faults and fires. This franchise has been in business since 2008.

So there you have it, 8 low cost franchises to choose from. These have a low barrier to entry and offer startup training and other services to help beginners adapt to the new business environment much easier.

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